Genuine Cat Filters

Cat Filters

Putting the right lubricants in your machine is the first step - using proper filters is the second. Consistently using quality filters to maintain system cleanliness reduces component wear and lowers operating costs.

Cat filters are designed to work with Cat fluids in Caterpillar engines and component systems to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance - protecting your systems and lowering your costs.

Take a look inside a genuine Cat Filter and the difference is clear. Advanced design features combine in delivering maximum filtration efficiency and the best protection to get the most out of your Cat machine.

All filters are not the same. Genuine Cat Filters have:

  • Acrylic beads to prevent pleat bunching
  • Spiral roving for greater pleat stability
  • A nylon center tube to prevent metal contamination
  • Molded end caps to prevent leaks

Cat Filters have a one-piece canister. During the manufacturing process the edge of the canister is folded down onto the base plate, giving the ability to withstand greater pressures and virtually eliminates leaks