Cat Fluids

Cat Fluids

Cat dealers deliver high quality fluids that improve the performance and extend the life of your equipment. Each lubricant and coolant is field tested and approved to ensure they meet each compartment's specific performance and cooling requirements.

Cat Oil

Specially developed to maximize component life by resisting oxidation, preventing buildup, and maintaining proper viscosity. Each type of oil undergoes extensive testing processes to demonstrate long service life. Oil drain intervals may be extended with the Cat S•O•S™ Services Oil Analysis Program and Cat filters.

Cat Oil Benefits

  • Consistent high performance oils formulated for the needs of Cat machines and engines
  • Superior wear protection
  • A complete line of Oils for every application and environment

Cat Grease

Specially designed for Cat Machines to greatly reduce pin and bushing wear issues, such as galling and scaring, and to help prevent seizing. Cat Grease is also corrosion resistant and resists water/salt water washout.

Premium Cat Grease - For the ultimate performance in moderate and extreme climates

  • Ultra 5Moly (Moderate Climates)
  • Desert Gold (Extreme Hot Climates)
  • Arctic Platinum (Extreme Cold Climates)

Multi-Purpose Cat Grease - For general lubrication in moderate climates

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Advanced 3Moly
  • White Assembly

Specialty Greases

  • High Speed Ball Bearing and Electric motor grease
  • Ultra Synthetic Generator grease
  • Hammer Paste
  • Multipurpose Marine grease

Cat Coolant

Formulated to provide excellent protection against boiling and freezing, while preventing corrosion.

Cat Coolant Benefits

  • High boiling temperature
  • Freeze Protection
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Non-foaming
  • Scale and deposit prevention
  • Organic Base Chemistry
  • Lower Cost 40-50% less than conventional