Cat Undercarriage

The industry's lowest cost-per-hour undercarriage systems

Cat Undercarriage Parts

Only Cat® undercarriage offers the durability and performance that can make a difference to your bottom line

Cat undercarriage parts work as a powerful system to guide your machine over all types of terrain. Since introducing its first track-type tractor in 1925, Caterpillar has continued to innovate and improve undercarriage performance. High-quality materials and carefully controlled manufacturing processes ensure that Cat undercarriage parts are reliable, durable, and wear at a balanced rate.

No other manufacturer delivers the extended wear life, serviceability and value of a Cat undercarriage system:

  • Parts wear longer for lowest cost-per-hour operation
  • Rigid manufacturing standards ensure consistent quality
  • Components work and wear as a system
  • Designed for specific machines and jobs
  • Comprehensive service and support
  • Worldwide undercarriage parts availability

Tractors Malaysia can help you get the most from your undercarriage investment. When you consider that 50 per cent of a track-type machine's owning and operating costs come from its undercarriage, it makes sense to keep it in top condition.

Talk to your Tractors Malaysia Product Support Representative about all the products and services available to help you minimise unscheduled downtime and maximise productivity.