The new Cat® D1, D2 and D3 Next Generation small dozers feature styling changes, technology enhancements and a new low-emission fuel-efficient engine that provides significant value for the customer. The D1, D2 and D3 Next Gen dozers replace the D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 models, respectively, and the new series offer the same specialty model options as in the past. These Next Gen small dozers are designed to optimise speed, transportability, manoeuvrability, versatility and finish grade accuracy. A new lower sloping hood line improves visibility over the top of the hood to the peripheral view and blade’s cutting edge to increase finish grade efficiency.


Operating Weight
8,274 – 8,342kg
59.7kW (80hp)
Blade Width
2,646 – 3,149mm
Bottom Roller Number
Blade Capacity
1.52 – 1.66m3
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