Emissions standards are evolving and growing growing more complex, with more regional variation and requirements. Caterpillar is focused on using their global experience and regional development capability to deliver core engine platforms with modular emissions options.
Seven Reasons to Choose Caterpillar Engines:
1. Reduce business complexity with one supplier for whole power range
2. One installation for multiple markets, with full support from the global Cat dealer network
3. Excellent power and torque density focused on value per hp
4. Support at each step of development with technical information, prototype hardware, and fully validated production engines
5. Proven dependability in real-world operating conditions, with an entire range of engines designed for challenging conditions
6. Unrivaled experience in bringing new technology to production - year after year, worldwide, for every application, and with countless hours run.
7. System Integration - flexibility in power ratings, after treatment, engine software, and factory-delivered installation options

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