SDICare Customer Portal

Your One-Stop Digital Gateway to Your Assets

We are excited to introduce SDICare Customer Portal, an online portal for Sime Darby Industrial's customers to access data that belongs to them. It provides a solid foundation as your one-stop digital gateway with great flexibility, and an in-depth customer's information in meaningful and simplified view.

Unlocking The Business Value of SDI Self-Service Portal

To offer a single platform that will meet the needs of customers across multiple business engagement with us. A stronger focus on digital engagement to serve our customers better. Sign up now for free to our Customer Portal.


SDICare Customer Portal

Sign up with SDICare Customer Portal and win Limited Edition Merchandise!


- Stay on top of your business.
- Effective tool for a quick roundup to report ongoing operations.
- Adapted to customer's needs for information that brings value.


- Self service anytime and anywhere for customers at their fingertips.
- Instant search features for convenience.
- Ability to access your transactions, reports, invoices and many more features 24/7.


- Quick resolution of issues based on customers
- Fast and easy navigation for enhance customer experience.
- Digitalisation of customer's journey with us.


The portal has 4 different roles which unlock separate areas of information. Multiple roles can be requested to give you the customised views you need.

Executive Role

Gives you access to all data. This role is a combination of Fleet, Operations and Financial roles, and also includes a dashboard of the most important and requested graphs and indicators.

Fleet Role

Gives you access to all your assets health and machine information, including: Assets & Fluid Analysis Reports, Total Assets, Connected Assets, Warranty Information, S.O.S Alerts℠, S.O.S Analysis Results℠

Operations Role

Gives you access to data related to parts ordering, including: Parts Reports, Open Parts Orders, Parts Order History

Financials Role

Gives you access to financial data, including: Financial Reports, Credit Limits, Open Transactions, Invoice History, Unpaid Invoices
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