Marine Aftermarket Offerings


At Tractors Malaysia, we put an emphasis on your long-term satisfaction. Worry-free as we provide you with numerous marketing programmes for your vessel which include top quality parts replacement, in-depth inspection and maintenance, and experienced marine specialist for your engine operation support.

Customer Value Agreement (CVA)

  • Our Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) feature comprehensive solutions for parts, services and connected technologies designed to address the evolving needs and expectations throughout your vessel lifecycle. No matter which CVA you choose, you can always expect us to help keep you on the water.

Engine Health Inspection

  • We provide you with a comprehensive report of your engine performance to help you reduce your operation cost and keep your engine working longer with early detection.

SOS Fluid Analysis

  • We offer routine check-up for your oil, coolant and fuel so you can have valuable insights on your engine fluid to prevent any unexpected failures and unplanned downtime to your vessel.

Remote Fleet Vision (RFV)

  • Providing you real-time asset location monitoring, operation status and maintenance needs via RFV online. You can view your vessel operational data at a glance, act immediately on critical issues, manage your vessel performance and condition in real time and many more.  

Vessel Fuel Management System (VFMS)

  • VFMS provides in-depth insights into your vessel fuel consumption provided to you onboard or on land. VFSM helps you optimized your fuel saving by reducing fuel consumption across your vessels and fleets.


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