Every repair has its own unique set of circumstances

That’s why Tractors Malaysia has simplified our Repair Options to help you choose the right one for your needs. Whether you are balancing cost and downtime, looking to extend component life or wanting to keep your own iron. Tractors Malaysia has the right Repair Option for you.

Complete replacement with a factory new component. Caterpillar components are built to be rebuilt, offering longer term reusability and cost benefits beyond the initial purchase of a new component.

Where downtime is critical, exchange your "end-of-life" component for an off-the-shelf one. Customers wanting fast return to work, “as-new” life and lower than new component cost will benefit from this option.

Balancing cost with downtime or when retaining ownership is important you can have your own iron rebuilt to a fixed Caterpillar “as-new” standard and save from rebuild lane efficiency and OEM certified parts reusability.

Extend the life of your components or repair to your specification at minimal cost through mid-life maintenance and repairs to ensure you get maximum life from your components at the lowest cost per hour.

For all Repair Options *

Partner with Tractors Malaysia for Certified Rebuilds on your machine and components - benefit from an extensive 12 months / 2000 hours warranty coverage on both parts and service for any New Component, Exchange Component or Rebuild & Return Component*.

Certified Rebuild T&C'S: 

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