In-House Training Program (TTP)


TTP is a strategic and systematic approach to managing and developing technicians based on a framework of skills, knowledge and abilities for training service technicians. It offers a customized approach to training that matches the training needs of the technician in service operation, and targets only the skills and knowledge needed for the service technician to efficiently perform the job.

What are the benefits

  • SDIA offers a full range of training options encompassing every aspect of Heavy Machinery and Power Generations: Operator Safety, Equipment Operations and maintenance, Troubleshooting, as well as service management, are all part of a targeted, comprehensive program of over 70 courses.
  • Our core curriculum includes over 70 training modules with an emphasis on practice. The benefits of training on real equipment are instantaneous. In small groups, trainees learn both theory and practice, the "why" and the "how-to".
  • Our trainers share their know-how and field experience through demonstrations on dedicated equipment located in our training facilities.
  • At SDIA, we are committed to transferring knowledge and expertise - to offering our experience as industry leader in heavy machinery, power generations and service solutions.
  • Our expert trainers build confidence while sharing skills and experience. Trainers benefit from access to the latest in technology and personalized, innovative teaching. You earn the competitive edge you need to succeed.
  • Courses include training dedicated documents and the possibility of follow-up with e-learning modules.

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