Hose and Couplings

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has developed standards for hose manufacturers. These standards address areas like temperature resistance,
impulse performance, change in length, etc. Cat hose products are designed, manufactured and tested to exceed SAE standards, something that has made
them the preferred choice in earthmoving and many other applications.

Remembering the word STAMPED can help you consider all the necessary hose replacement criteria:

SIZE – The inside diameter of the hose must be adequate to keep pressure loss to a minimum and avoid damage to the hose due to heat generation or excessive turbulence.
TEMPERATURE – Know the normal operating temperature of the hydraulic system.
APPLICATION – Have an idea of the working conditions and implement cycle times.
MEDIA – Know the type of fluid being used.
PRESSURE – Know the maximum operating pressure of the system.
ENDS OF COUPLING – Identify correct end connections, threads, and configurations.
DELIVERY – On suction applications know the amount of vacuum/velocity a hose can withstand.

35% Cat Hydraulic Hose

- Hose Assemblies
- Hoses
- Couplings
- Armor Guards
- Sleeves

10% Cat Hydraulic Oil

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